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Instructions – Alerts Screen

The Alerts Screen

The Alerts screen can be used to help populate you’re Watching Dashboard.  Whenever an item is listed that matches your alert criteria, the item will immediately appear in your Watching Dashboard.

MANUAL – Alert instances are created by selecting/entering the attribute values at the bottom of the screen and checking the ‘Add Alert’ button. The alert instances are listed in the body of the screen. When an alert is created it is activated indicated by the’On/Off’ button being ‘On’. Any alert can be deactivated by clicking the’On’ button which will now display as ‘Off’. Checking the box(s) in the far right column and checking’Delete Selected’ deletes the alerts.

The selection criteria is additive based on the attributes entered, the more attributes entered the more specific the selection.

The active alerts (‘ON’) determine what is displayed in the Watching Dashboard screen. Alerts are saved and carry over from day to day.

HOLDINGS – The Holdings screen allows you to import your holdings into our system.  That way, whenever an item scheduled for or participating in an auction matches the first 6 characters of any Cusip in your holdings, the item will appear in your Watching Dashboard.  Import your holdings from a file by clicking ‘Add Holdings’.  If you need a clean copy of the import template, click on ‘Template’ for a properly formatted Excel file. Add items and information to the template in the columns provided.

Each Holding File is displayed listing the number of items, file name, creation date and expiration date. Expiration date may be edited by clicking ‘Edit’ and entering a new date. The file can be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ button and confirming your action. The details of each file may be viewed by clicking the ‘+’ box associated with the file and any item can be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ button associated with that item and confirming your action.